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DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal DUI Defense since 1988
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Criminal Defense DUI Lawyer

Member of the Law Society of Ontario, Canada, since 1988.

Fought cases for clients in all levels of Court in Ontario including Court of Appeal, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, etc.
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With over 29 years of legal experience, especially in DUI cases, Peter Ngan, a Toronto criminal defense lawyer will be your best choice as your lawyer. Peter Ngan provides his clients with dedicated personal detail attention and representation in and out of Court --- Criminal and Civil cases alike. Peter Ngan will provide you with Strong and Winning criminal defense for your case especially in challenging cases such as Domestic Assault, Drinking and Driving cases, Impaired and Over 80 DUI cases, Fraud, Theft over & under; Dangerous Driving etc. 

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Criminal DUI Defense since 1988

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